Product Feature: Chili garlic Dip’n Sauce

This Summer, my family and I spent a weekend at Lake Chelan, Washington. While I was there, I saw a little farmer’s market and thought I check it out. We came across this:

DSC_6913 copyOh my. It has become a favorite at our house. In fact, its obvious that I need to buy another jar. This stuff is so good with Zaycon chicken and pork or even rustic bread. I got my family hooked on it. It’s made somewhat local to me, and at Zaycon, we LOVE that! Small businesses are awesome!

DSC_6912 copyIt has big chunks of garlic and not too spicy. I really wish I could find it here in Spokane. Her other products are pretty tasty too!

DSC_6910 copyMaybe if enough of us send her an email, she would be willing to sell it online. you can also find her on Facebook.  I did email her (because I want another jar), but she has no idea I am posting this.

If you have a local small business product that you like to use with your Zaycon Foods products, let me know. Maybe we can give the company a few more customers 🙂

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shout out

Just want to give a little shout out to our thoughtful customers in The Dalles, Oregon who helped our stranded driver, Randy, yesterday! I got this text from his wife:

“Some awesome customers came to the rescue and brought Randy some treats and food this evening after his traumatic afternoon of blown tires and being stranded on the freeway. They deserve a shout out….they were concerned about their driver. Warmed my heart!”

So thank you, whomever you are, from the entire Zaycon Foods Family!


Zaycon has a new look

You may have noticed that Zaycon Foods logo has a brighter, fresh new look to it. Even a few of our trucks were subject to an overhaul. You could spot a few of them at our chicken events all over Washington this week.

DSC_6876DSC_6877 a DSC_6879 a DSC_6881 aMost of the nation has had a chance to pick up their Zaycon chicken, if your new to the events, what do you think? Do you taste a difference?

Referral credits: new policy

Hello Zaycon fans!

Chicken events started happening across the country last Saturday!! I hope your enjoying some delicious fresh chicken!


chicken event last Saturday in Boise, ID

In case you missed it, there will be another chicken event this spring. Look for bacon (we like to call it “Zayc’n Bac’n” around the office) and breakfast sausage events coming up and the BEST ham ever will be coming just after Thanksgiving.  Those events are open now so go order before its gone.

I wanted to let you know about our new policy with referral credits. Credits will not be seen in your account until after an event takes place in case someone needs to cancel their order, etc. This means that those credits can be used on the next event, but not the current one.

We love to hear from our customers and want to know what your doing with your chicken. Do you cook it up? Freeze it? Can half of it? I freeze half and can the other half.  What are some of your favorite recipes?