Delicious Zaycon Fresh Chicken Fajitas on the Pellet Grill via Pinterest

We looked on Pinterest for the ultimate quick and easy recipe to use some Zaycon Fresh Chicken with. We had to re-pin oven Fajitas by Beth Moncel, author of and use the recipe for our new YouTube series called “We tried it from Pinterest“!

We did add a small twist, instead of using a conventional oven we chose to try this one on the pellet grill and of course Zaycon Fresh Chicken! The results were over the top DELICIOUS!

So here you go…see delicious!

Recipe used: Easy Oven Fajitas by Beth Moncel, author of can be found on Pinterest here:

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Our New Partners-In-Taste!

Introducing our team-up with Chicken Soup for the Soul! Products available on
Our New Partners-In-Taste!

Maybe you heard we were teaming up with Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Well we did. And the results are…delicious. is now the place to get more than just fresh, delicious meats. It’s the place to get great Broths, Sauces, and Meal Builders too!

We’re honored to team up with one of the most beloved companies in America! Chicken Soup for the Soul is a staple of both the publishing and food retail industries, and has a warm place in the hearts of millions who know they stand for good feelings and good food. Speaking of food, just think of what this team-up means for you! Imagine dinners prepped with Zaycon Fresh Chicken and a Chicken Soup for the Soul Sesame Ginger Meal Builder, for example. Or meatballs made with our Lean Ground Beef topped with their Rustic Tomato with Bacon Pasta Sauce!

With our fresh foods and our friend’s Broths, BBQ and Pasta Sauces, and Meal Builders, the flavor combinations are pretty much endless. Try one of these delicious new products and you’ll be trying ’em all soon!

The Delicious Products We Offer!

Shop BBQ Sauces: Try Classic, Sweet Chipotle Bourbon, Honey Mustard, or Buffalo! You can’t go wrong with any of these tasty, tangy sauces.

Shop Meal Builders: The perfect addition to fresh meats from Zaycon Fresh. Try the Sloppy Joe Meal Builder, the Sesame Ginger, and more!

Shop Broths: Whether you’re making a soup, simmering a Chuck Roast, or keeping that Chicken moist and juicy, do it with these savory broths!

Shop Pasta Sauce: There’s nothing more comforting than a meal topped with warm, delicious pasta sauce! Try Three Cheese, Tomato Basil, or good ol’ Marinara.

In Case You Haven’t Heard!
Chicken Across America Sweepstakes! Enter to be one of the 11 winners of three amazing prizes!

We’re headed to every one of the lower 48 states with truckloads of fresh, natural Chicken Breast, and we’re selling it for the unbeatable price of $1.69 per pound! (Trust us, it’s the best price around. We did the research.)

Now that’s a pretty big deal, and people have been letting us know how excited they are. But we thought we could make things just a bit more exciting…

…and that’s why you’re invited to enter our Chicken Across America Sweepstakes. You could be one of 11 winners of three amazing prizes!

*GRAND PRIZE: Gas grill (valued at up to $1000), Zaycon Fresh Chicken Breast, a case of Chicken Soup for the Soul BBQ Sauce, and a cooler (valued at $100).

Welcome to Zaycon Fresh with Chicken Across America – A Note From Mike Conrad, CEO

Hey from Spokane, Washington!

Lots of exciting things happening here. First, I’d like to introduce you to Zaycon Fresh. It’s our new name. And it’s a better way to describe what we do: bring farmhouse-fresh food to families at warehouse prices.

But it’s more than that. We’re also bringing you more opportunities to save throughout the year, hitting over 1,200 locations across the country. Our trucks (and our friendly drivers!) will be coming your way for at least one major event every month or so. Check out our 2015 Calendar, where you can see all our upcoming events and pick-ups for the rest of the year at a glance.

Check Out Our 2015 Calendar
But I’ve got even bigger news! To celebrate, we’re launching “Chicken Across America”— our biggest sales event ever. For just $1.69/lb. you can buy the fresh, all-natural, boneless, skinless chicken breast that’s our claim to fame. Now that’s something to get excited about!
Zaycon Chicken

So stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox for opening day on April 13!

Zaycon Fresh is the next step on a journey that started a few years back. I was just a guy struggling to put food on my family’s table, any way I could. I was on food stamps. I did whatever it took.

Feeding your family shouldn’t be that hard. That was the idea behindZaycon. Some people told us we’d never get consumers to buy meat off a truck. We knew that to make this work, our products had to be extra-fresh, our prices had to be beyond good, and our drivers had to be super-friendly.

Since we had that bright idea, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of families in every corner of the country. Our drivers have become familiar faces in the community. Some of you even bring us cookies. We’ve built more than just a customer base. We’ve built an extended family.

We’re honored to have you as part of that Zaycon family, and we can’t wait to see you again.  We’re taking orders now for Bacon, Sausage Links, and other great products – and in just a few days, our signature chicken at just $1.69/lb!

You can save even more with our Refer a Friend program.  Share your personal referral link with friends and family and receive $5 in Zaycon Fresh credits the first time they order, and $1 for every order after that*. As long as they order, you keep earning! And there’s no limit to the amount you can earn. But hurry, because the $5 reward for the first-time orders ends on June 30, 2015.

So make room in the freezer. Fire up the grill. We’ll see ya in the parking lot!

Mike Conrad, Co-Founder and CEO
Mike Conrad
Co-Founder and CEO
*Credits issued after referred customer picks up prepaid order at a sales event. See details

Eggs! Eggs it is my Precious.

Too far?

It’s Spring! It’s Easter! Re-birth time, so I got to looking at eggs and realized that eggs are such a daily staple in our lives, it’s easy to overlook their beauty. Such a simple and such a wondrous thing. Beautiful no?DSC_5606

“A box without hinges, key or lid

Yet golden treasure inside is hid”

………Bilbo Baggins

“Wishing you the happiest Easter from Zaycon Foods!” ~ Matt Hinckley, CSO

Zaycon Foods and Chicken Soup for the Soul is a win for everyone!

kaylabbqZaycon Foods™, announced the launch of their relationship with Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods December 2014. It is now time for us to offer for sale several of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s food products including broths and meal builder sauces. They are available through Zaycon Foods’ unique direct-to-consumer model which emphasizes freshness, wholesomeness, and significant value by uniquely offering food that bypasses traditional retail channels.

The partnership was facilitated by Edward Martin, CMO of Zaycon Foods.“I’m excited to be able to put these two companies together and foresee the development of a valuable and long-term relationship.”

“We are working  with Chicken Soup for the Soul because it is a trusted company that shares our philosophy of offering quality, delicious food that’s premium quality at a significant value,” said Zaycon co-founder and CEO Mike Conrad. “It’s a beloved brand through its massive number of book titles and other products, and we look forward to expanding the reach of its food products by presenting them to our more than 400,000 registered users.”

“We were intrigued by Zaycon Foods’ unique business model of combining online ordering with farm-fresh foods that are delivered direct to consumers,” said Scott Seaton, CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods. “It fits perfectly with our philosophy on freshness and quality combined to promote good health and wellness.  We look forward to our products reaching a large user base through Zaycon and a long-term beneficial partnership.”

Zaycon Foods customers looking to craft a delicious and convenient meal can use the Chicken Soup for the Soul Chili Meal Builders Cooking Sauce, Sloppy Joe Meal Builders Cooking Sauce, Meat Loaf Meal Builders Cooking Sauce, or Sesame-Ginger Meal Builders Cooking Sauce which are also available through Zaycon. Other Chicken Soup for the Soul food products will soon be available through Zaycon include a variety of delicious broths and meal builders.

To explore the lineup of delicious Chicken Soup for the Soul products, please visit

About Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul, the world’s favorite and most recognized storyteller, publishes the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. With over 100 million books sold to date in the U.S. and Canada alone, more than 250 titles, and translations into more than 40 languages, “chicken soup for the soul” is one of the world’s best-known phrases and is regularly referenced in pop culture. Today, 21 years after it first began sharing happiness, inspiration and wellness through its books, this socially conscious company continues to publish new titles, but has also evolved beyond the bookstore with super premium pet food, a line of high quality food to bring people together for healthy meals, and a variety of licensed products and digital offerings, all inspired by stories. Chicken Soup for the Soul has recently expanded into visual storytelling through movies, television and a YouTube channel. Chicken Soup for the Soul is “changing the world one story at a time®.”

About Zaycon Foods

Now delivering to nearly 400,000 registered users at more than 1,400 locations across 48 states, Zaycon Foods is “How Smart Families Buy Big & Save Big.” The innovative company offers families a better way to save on fresh meat, fish, produce, and dairy items by selling in bulk directly from refrigerated trucks. The trucks make local deliveries in the parking lots of churches, businesses and schools, enabling consumers to save an average of 35% when compared to standard retail prices. Customers are alerted to upcoming delivery dates in their area by email and social media, and place orders online via a fast and simple process. Founded in 2009, Zaycon Foods is headquartered in Spokane Valley, Washington. For more information, visit

Winter delivery update

Photo: Jamie Gilbertsen

All Zaycon Foods events will continue as scheduled unless your are notified. How will you get the information? You will recieve an email from us when we are 100% positive we will be late or in very few cases cancelled. Please be sure you have registered with an email address you check all the time.

We will do whatever we safely can to get to your delivery. We will not be able to get there if roads an/or passes closed.

All routes are on schedule today. If you have any questions or are not able to make it to your event because of weather, please call our customer service center: (509) 868-0613

Thank you!

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A few new changes mean better service to you.

New to Zaycon Foods this year is our route changes. These new changes may be a bit confusing at first, so I will explain what it means to you.

Group 1= south and group 2= north. This will affect delivery dates in your area, for example; chicken sales are open now for group 1 and will be delivered March 2nd. Group 2 will be open Feb 23rd with March 23rd delivery. While group 1 is having chicken delivered, group 2 will be getting their roasts, steaks and pulled pork delivered. Then the routes will switch and group 2 will get chicken and group 1 will get roasts, steaks and pulled pork.

This is going to take some getting used to, but will provide some relief to our suppliers and to our drivers and, the best news, expand our locations!

map-division blog

We look forward to serving your area and…

See you in the parking lot!

Zaycon Live this Thursday!

Join us and See Delicious this Thursday, January 22nd at 11:30am PST. Register HERE!

We have new beef products that we will be discussing and even cooking up some recipes using our new roasts and steaks._MG_0126 copy Untitled-1 Don’t they look amazing!!  You wont want to miss this. Sales for these products are open now. Just head over to Zaycon Foods  and check out all of our quality products.

Welcome 2015

New Year's ResolutionsEvery year, I feel like I should make resolutions to eat healthier, have a better attitude, change the world…but I think I just set myself up for failure. This year, I decided that instead of making unobtainable goals, cause we all now life does’t always turn out how you plan, I found a few ideas that I think could make this year a great one with just baby steps in the right direction.


Im not a good list writer. I start a list and then forget where I put it. I do love this idea from Thirty Handmade Days and to keep it simple, I would write only one goal for each area so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with the 100 goals I really do have. I would also keep it right next to my family calendar on a clip board just like this one. Again, baby steps. Start with one and once that becomes more of a habit/easier/done, then add a new one.



I found this list I like too. (could not find the original link to this)2daf03b0c694e2b2930d6dc5b077d729


I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge all over social media, which I think is brilliant. You could even start backwards so you have most of your savings in the first half of the year. If you can afford to, double the amount some weeks, especially in the beginning. Its doable and not extreme. If you don’t finish the whole year, you still have saved something, which it better than nothing at all.

10350606_10152703713350837_5881499219692438966_n The America Saves site give you tools to save in just about every financial area. Even just a little at a time. Great tips for kids too. There motto even states “Start Small. Think Big.”



So why not save money and work out? Put in a dollar every time you do a work out then reward yourself with something awesome after, lets say, 100 workouts, like buying a new swim suit or paying a little extra that credit card bill.

Eating healthy is actually one that I do try and keep up. This last year wasn’t a good year for getting of my bum and getting active. In 2013 I quit drinking soda. I still haven’t had soda and I don’t miss it. This year I plan to cut out whites, including white flour and sugar, Ive done it before so I know I can do it again.

This is one area that I think is not a “one size fits all” resolution. I do think this is the easiest to do in baby steps, and like everyone else, I try to do it all at once and then get burned out quickly. So I am not going to do it all at once, but add in (or take out) one thing a week, so it becomes more of a habit than something I will dread.

My goals:

drink water, lots of it.

Take out the whites (flour/sugar) an add more color (fruits/veggies).

Thats it, until it becomes routine and then add in something new.

And if you Pinterest “Healthy Eating Motivation”, you will just become stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of “motivating words” that pop up…just saying.

Make 2015 a good year with baby steps, don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t set goals that will be to hard to keep.




how to: canning chicken

First of all, I want to give a big THANK YOU  to my mother for coming over to my house for the day to help me with this post. It’s her hands you will see in most of the pictures so that I could photograph the process. My mom is awesome and I really can’t thank her enough for teaching me about canning when I was younger. I grew up eating out of our family garden and pantry and have an great appreciation for knowing how to can and cook with it. We always lived in places that were not near big grocery stores. They were expensive to shop at and didn’t have a great selection, so canning our foods saved us a lot of money and helped us to eat better.

If you are already familiar with Zaycon Foods and picked up your 40 pound box of chicken in the past few weeks, you might find this post to be something that you find helpful for next time. I typically will freeze half and can the other half, but I had enough chicken in my freezer from last fall, so I canned all 40 pounds of my Zaycon chicken from the February chicken events.


Be sure you have the right tools for canning. Your jars need to be clean and use new lids every time. Don’t reuse lids. Meat needs to be processed in a pressure canner. We ended up using a different one than the picture shows. You’ll see why in the following photos.
Zaycon FoodsTrim the fat off of all the chicken breast. Zaycon Chicken breasts are huge, as you’ll notice. There is no hormones given to the chickens. They are naturally this big. Typically at grocery stores, they don’t offer you this size and neither do restaurants. We choose to order the bigger sizes. I’ve raised my own chickens and have seen them this size, it is not unnatural.
Zaycon FoodsZaycon Foods

I use pint jars for canning chicken. They hold about 1 chicken breast. Just take the fat end and smoosh it down in the jar. Zaycon FoodsZaycon FoodsZaycon FoodsThe chicken doesn’t always fit, so just cut it off.

Zaycon Foods

You will want to leave a little space at the top and push the chicken into the jar.
Zaycon FoodsMy mom pointed out that you will see space between the chicken and the jar. chicken makes its own juices. This space gives those juices some room.
Zaycon FoodsHeat up your lids to soften up the rubber seals. Zaycon FoodsWhile those warm up clean off the edges of your jars with a damp towel. You don’t want any chicken on the edges to break the seal.
Zaycon FoodsThen measure out 1/2 teaspoon of salt per pint. It you decide to do quarts of chicken, you will need a full teaspoon. Zaycon Foodsjust pour it right on top of your chicken. Zaycon Foodsnext, take your lid and place it on the jar. Tighten the ring just enough so that you just hit some resistance in twisting it on. Don’t go any farther than that.
Zaycon FoodsThis is where I switched out my pressure canner. The one I ended up using can hold two rows of jars and saved me time.

Place your jars on the bottom of the pressure canner. There should be a small lifted plate with holes at the bottom, you don’t want to set it directly on the bottom of the canner. The jars are fine to touch each other. Zaycon foodsput another serration plate between the jars on the bottom and the jars on the top. Zaycon Foodsadd your second row of jars and then fill the pressure canner with water. Zaycon FoodsThe water should be to the bottom of the rings on the top layer of jars. Put the lid on your canner and make sure it is on tight and not leaking.
Zaycon FoodsNow is the boring part…waiting. Since my stove takes forever to heat up this big of a canner, I waited quite a while for the pressure to get up to the 10 lb mark. This is where you want to keep it for a total of 90 minutes once it hits that mark. You do not want to wander off during this process. Stay close and keep an eye on that pressure gauge. Adjust your stove temp and you may need to release pressure by carefully taking that little cap off (shown in picture next to the gauge) and letting some of the steam escape. BE SURE TO USE A POT HOLDER OR SOMETHING TO PROTECT YOUR HAND!! STEAM CAN BURN YOU!) It needs to stay at 10 lbs. of pressure for the full 90 minutes.Zaycon FoodsOnce that 90 minutes is up, take the cap off the steam vent and let it do its thing. It takes a good 5-7 minutes for the pressure to drop down to zero. Do not try to take the lid off until it gets to zero. The water will still most likely be boiling when you do get the lid off.
Zaycon FoodsUse a jar picker upper to take the jars our. I put mine on cooling racks, my mom uses large towels.  Because it took my most of my evening to use the pressure canner and my mom needed to leave, I waited until morning to get photos of the finished canned chicken.

Zaycon FoodsBecause I had 39 jars of chicken to label, I did it the easy way. with a sharpie.
Zaycon FoodsI wipe my jars down with a damp towel in case they are greasy. I make sure the lid is especially clean so that I can write on it.
Zaycon FoodsWhats in it? chicken. What month did you can it? February 2014. I leave it simple and use my older canned chicken first.
Zaycon FoodsFor convenience, I keep the boxes the jars come in. They stack well and are great if you have wire shelving. jars and wire shelving don’t like each other.
Zaycon FoodsI had 4 jars that did not seal. I always prepare for this by having meals that I can use that chicken in right away or I make freezer meals with that chicken.

Chicken is one of the easier foods to can. I like canning my chicken because it makes meal preparation so much faster, There are so many meal options too. We like to make enchiladas, chicken soup, chicken pot pie, tacos, nachos, chili, bbq chicken sandwiches…so many options.