Referral credits: new policy

Hello Zaycon fans!

Chicken events started happening across the country last Saturday!! I hope your enjoying some delicious fresh chicken!


chicken event last Saturday in Boise, ID

In case you missed it, there will be another chicken event this spring. Look for bacon (we like to call it “Zayc’n Bac’n” around the office) and breakfast sausage events coming up and the BEST ham ever will be coming just after Thanksgiving.  Those events are open now so go order before its gone.

I wanted to let you know about our new policy with referral credits. Credits will not be seen in your account until after an event takes place in case someone needs to cancel their order, etc. This means that those credits can be used on the next event, but not the current one.

We love to hear from our customers and want to know what your doing with your chicken. Do you cook it up? Freeze it? Can half of it? I freeze half and can the other half.  What are some of your favorite recipes?

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