Our Mission

Our Zaycon Foods Mission Statement

Our Mission: To do good in the world by offering healthy food to families on a budget. We work to inspire people towards change and innovation and embrace a culture of sharing and opportunity.

Here is how we do that every day:

Our Products: Our company was founded on and remains committed to the principle of helping people. We’re passionate about letting people know that there is a solution to the problem of high-priced, healthy food. In that process, we break the mold of the food industry…and we are pretty proud of it.

Our Customers: In a world growing more disconnected all the time, we connect with our customers each and every day, sharing stories and listening to comments and ideas. We exist to share the idea of hope and common good in our customer communities. Sure, when you boil it down, we simply provide great food, but at Zaycon, we still believe that why you do something is more important than what you’re doing.

Our Partner Farms: The farms we work with get it. They just…get it. That’s why we call them partners. Together, Zaycon Foods and our partner farms have embraced the idea of delivering the freshest, best quality food right to the folks who are going to eat it. That’s how their parents (and grandparents and greats and great-greats) taught them, and we think it’s still the best system.

Our Driver Ambassadors: Meeting an old friend for dinner and bringing a gift, that’s almost the feeling you get when you meet our drivers. Sure, this friend may be delivering 40 pounds of chicken, but the same impression will still rub off on you. There’s just an understanding between our drivers and our customers that we are all part of something pretty great. When we say “It’s my pleasure!”, you know we mean it.

2 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. I am fairly new to Zaycon. Foods. We loved the chicken we ordered last summer and we are looking forward to receiving the pulled pork order next month, March 2015. I am writing because our daughter told us about a movie called “Food, Inc.” which we have seen and two others which we haven’t seen yet. Please tell me you don’t raise your chickens or other animals like in that movie, or buy from farms that are run like that. Our daughter said she is gradually going off of using meat in her family’s diet. I told her about your company but she is skeptical. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,
    Myra Martindale

    • Hi Myra,
      To cover all of your questions, this response is going to be long so that I can give you accurate information 🙂


      According to our suppliers their farming methods state that the broilers (young meat chickens) are not raised in cages. For their own safety and well-being, the only time they are caged is when they are transported from the farm to the processing plant. They are raised in large, open structures known as grow-out houses. These houses are well equipped with mechanical systems to deliver feed and water to the birds and have environmental systems to provide a comfortable and protective environment, including ventilation systems and heaters that function as needed, most often with micro-processors controls. The earthen floor of the house is covered with bedding material consisting of organic matter such as wood chips, rice hulls, or peanut shells. Because dry bedding helps maintain flock health, most grow-out houses have enclosed watering systems rather than open troughs, because enclosed systems (“nipple drinkers”) reduce spillage and help keep the litter dry. Keeping birds inside a house protects them from predators such as hawks and foxes. Some houses are equipped with curtain walls, which can be rolled up in good weather to admit natural light and fresh air. In that case, a fine mesh screen keeps insects, rodents and wild birds out of the house and ways from the broilers. Such bio-security measures are critical to ensuring the health of the flock.


      According to the supplier, they have an in-house nutritionist that ensures a corn/soy based diet that contains all the protein, vitamins and mineral required by the poultry – without the addition of hormones or other potentially harmful compounds. In addition, due to the way the feed is transported and stored, at this time we cannot guarantee that the chicken feed does or does not contain GMOs.


      Are Antibiotics given? According to our supplier antibiotics are only given when our meat products should become ill or injured at the farm. They want to ensure the health of all the animals whether they are chickens cows or pigs. Before any animal is processed they are randomly inspected by the USDA to ensure that the animal is safe to process. Every animal has to be cleared of all antibiotics. In Addition, when and if antibiotics are used in accordance with all USDA and FDA regulations to ensure these products are completely safe.


      Are hormones or steroids given? The use or administration of hormones or steroids in chicken production is prohibited by the USDA. The only hormones found in our chickens are those that occur naturally, just like they do in any living animal. It means that we do not add anything to our fresh chicken. There are no additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Some companies add a solution to their products that can include water, salt, carrageenan (a seaweed extract) or broth. Ours is always a single ingredient product: 100% natural Chicken.

      If you would like to read more about our chicken products please see the website below:


      The chicken we offer to our customer is hormone-free. You will see on the box, we specifically request the “jumbo” size. Just as humans come in different sizes, so do chickens. Restaurants and stores request the small to medium size chickens for portion control. We ask for the jumbo.

      If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

      Thank you for being a part of the Zaycon Foods family!

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