Chicken Cordon Bleu

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For this classic dish, we are going to need a considerable amount of pent-up frustration to pound out Zaycon chicken breasts, so it’s perfect for a weeknight dinner! Rough day at work? Perfect. Did the kids paint the dog? Even better! Partner has anger management issues? THE BEST – have him do it!

DSC_5691DSC_5677We start with our old friend, the giant double boneless skinless breast that we are oh, so familiar with. Do a trim up, remove the rib meat lobe & any extra fat that might be there. Admire your work.

Next, you’ll want to butterfly the thick part of the breast to approximate the thickness of the thinner area. This might take two cuts.

Between two layers of plastic wrap, place the chicken sprinkling a bit of water between the chicken and the plastic wrap. This will help the chicken move and slide a bit during the gentle slams.

Grab your whacker implement and have fun. You’re going to try and get these to be as thin as possible – like 1/8” to ¼” in thickness. The thinner they are the better your result will be.

Brush the chicken with Dijon mustard, then place sliced ham and then cheese of your choice. Traditional cheese to use here is Swiss, I like gruyere too. If you want a really nice, long, stringy melty one, provolone would be great. Roll them up, tucking in the sides as you go to form a chicken burrito-looking roulade.

DSC_5783DSC_5797 (1)

Put this in the fridge for 30-60 minutes or more. This will firm up the chicken making it super easy to pan fry. Dip your chicken roll, first, into flour, then into an egg bath and then in bread crumbs. I used just regular bread crumbs here, but you can use panko if you like.

In a large skillet, add a tablespoon or so of olive oil and equal amount of butter. Pan fry each side for a couple of minutes, then into a 350 pre-heated oven for 20 minutes or so, when they are done, they will want to sit and rest for 4 minutes or so.


Get ready for the compliments.

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National Love Your Pet Day winner

This is Mozart. He’s 9 years old and the best furry friend in the world! – Jennifer Vallery Moore

Congratulations to Jennifer! She was selected as the winner of 50 Zaycon Foods credits from hundreds of the cutest pets we’ve ever seen. Thank you for all of your submissions…we will have another pet contest soon.

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#ZnapShot by Faith Bontrager Kumher

Our first ever #ZnapShot: “Zaycon Foods ham and gravy with smashed taters and asparagus.” ~ Faith Bontrager Kumher


Thank you for your photo Faith!

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Welcome 2015

New Year's ResolutionsEvery year, I feel like I should make resolutions to eat healthier, have a better attitude, change the world…but I think I just set myself up for failure. This year, I decided that instead of making unobtainable goals, cause we all now life does’t always turn out how you plan, I found a few ideas that I think could make this year a great one with just baby steps in the right direction.


Im not a good list writer. I start a list and then forget where I put it. I do love this idea from Thirty Handmade Days and to keep it simple, I would write only one goal for each area so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with the 100 goals I really do have. I would also keep it right next to my family calendar on a clip board just like this one. Again, baby steps. Start with one and once that becomes more of a habit/easier/done, then add a new one.



I found this list I like too. (could not find the original link to this)2daf03b0c694e2b2930d6dc5b077d729


I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge all over social media, which I think is brilliant. You could even start backwards so you have most of your savings in the first half of the year. If you can afford to, double the amount some weeks, especially in the beginning. Its doable and not extreme. If you don’t finish the whole year, you still have saved something, which it better than nothing at all.

10350606_10152703713350837_5881499219692438966_n The America Saves site give you tools to save in just about every financial area. Even just a little at a time. Great tips for kids too. There motto even states “Start Small. Think Big.”



So why not save money and work out? Put in a dollar every time you do a work out then reward yourself with something awesome after, lets say, 100 workouts, like buying a new swim suit or paying a little extra that credit card bill.

Eating healthy is actually one that I do try and keep up. This last year wasn’t a good year for getting of my bum and getting active. In 2013 I quit drinking soda. I still haven’t had soda and I don’t miss it. This year I plan to cut out whites, including white flour and sugar, Ive done it before so I know I can do it again.

This is one area that I think is not a “one size fits all” resolution. I do think this is the easiest to do in baby steps, and like everyone else, I try to do it all at once and then get burned out quickly. So I am not going to do it all at once, but add in (or take out) one thing a week, so it becomes more of a habit than something I will dread.

My goals:

drink water, lots of it.

Take out the whites (flour/sugar) an add more color (fruits/veggies).

Thats it, until it becomes routine and then add in something new.

And if you Pinterest “Healthy Eating Motivation”, you will just become stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of “motivating words” that pop up…just saying.

Make 2015 a good year with baby steps, don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t set goals that will be to hard to keep.





The cool thing about being a Zaycon driver, is that they get to see the country, and sometimes meet some pretty famous people. Our driver, Terry, stopped by the Duck Dynasty headquarters where Willie Robertson was nice enough to get a photo with him. 201406091525511000

I am pretty sure that their truck is cooler than our trucks.
 We love seeing our drivers in photos, so don’t be shy. You can send them to me at and you just might see your face on our blog.

And we are rolling

Zaycon’s trucks rolled out this morning, kicking off our spring chicken events (ok, so it’s not spring and there are winter storms happening across the country).

DSC_2539Spokane Valley was one of the first events in the northwest and at 15 degrees outside, we kept warm with hot cocoa brought to us by an awesome customer. We can’t thank our customers enough! When they bring us surprise treats, well, thats just icing on the cake. DSC_2655Just a few faces from the office, Trinette, works in our customer service department and Rick is one of our drivers. We all like to help out, even on our days off.
DSC_2685We hope to see you at the next event! Stay warm America!

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Patrons of Zaycon Foods understand that our company is about more than just profits: we’re about people. We truly value and care about each and every person we serve. It shows each time our drivers help load an order of fresh chicken breasts into a car; it shows when our customer service team helps reschedule an order because a child got sick before a scheduled event; and it shows the most when we hear the amazingly kind words of our fans, which we do every single day.

We want to give you the opportunity to talk not just to us, but to each other, we want all of you out there in the Zaycon community to hear from one another and to get to know each other a bit better.

To celebrate your loyalty and support, we came up with the Zaycon Foods 100 Words Contest!

Here’s the challenge:

We want you to write a short essay about food and family. And we mean short! These mini essays need to be 100 words or fewer. And those are the only guidelines!

You can write about what Zaycon Foods means to you and your family, you can write about your grandmother’s favorite recipe, or you can write about the best meal you ever prepared; it’s up to you! Just make sure you submit your essay between Friday, January the 10th and Friday, January the 17th. The best essays win! Winners will be announced and contacted the following week.

Here’s the best part:

By entering into this contest, you could win $50, $100, or $200 worth of Zaycon Foods credits! You can use your winnings to order any of the fine foods we offer (such as our famous all-natural boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which are on sale now for events across the continental U.S. in February). We will also publish many of our favorites, giving full credit to the author, of course.

Submissions will be accepted via Facebook message only – please send your essays in the body of a message directed to the Zaycon Foods FB page (rather than posting them on our wall/timeline, for example). So take some time and think about why family and food (and Zaycon Foods!) are important to you, and then let us know!

Enter TODAY, because its ends Jan 17th.

And really, truly, thank you for being part of the gang!

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Good luck to all!

Phoenix, you rock!

We love when we get visits at our events. This morning, Nick was visited by FOX Phoenix.

FOX Phoenix

Great job Nick and thank you to all of our customers in Arizona!

shout out

Just want to give a little shout out to our thoughtful customers in The Dalles, Oregon who helped our stranded driver, Randy, yesterday! I got this text from his wife:

“Some awesome customers came to the rescue and brought Randy some treats and food this evening after his traumatic afternoon of blown tires and being stranded on the freeway. They deserve a shout out….they were concerned about their driver. Warmed my heart!”

So thank you, whomever you are, from the entire Zaycon Foods Family!