Patriotic picnic.

Zaycon Foods -picnicWhile the family was all together this past weekend, I put together fun bbq. There are quite a few July birthdays to celebrate throughout my extended family, so I thought that the patriotic colors would be appropriate and easy to come by this time of year. Zaycon Foods- patriotic picnicInstead of traditional birthday cake, we opted for fresh strawberry rhubarb pies in tiny jam jars. Everyone got their own pie and they are a perfect summertime dessert. I do find that you don’t need as much pie crust with jar pies.  I also made some of the mint limeade, the one I posted about last week. Zaycon Foods- patriotic picnicThe youngest kids went around my parents yard collecting wildflowers for decorating the table. My parents yard is magical, Its like you’re in a fairy land. Zaycon Foods -patriotic picnicWe like our potato salad simple. No celery or pickles, just good old fashioned easy peasy potato salad. with about 4-5 ingredients.

Zaycon Foods- patriotic picnicboil diced potatoes, cut up boiled eggs, finely chop onion, mix in miracle whip and salt to taste. Not much to it, but miracle whip is the key! Zaycon Foods- Patriotic picnicWrapped a few Zaycon hot dogs in Zaycon bacon. Best. Hotdog. Ever. Because, who doesn’t like bacon?!? Zaycon Foods-patriotic picnicThe kids inhaled the hotdogs while the adults enjoyed the ribs, steaks and sausages. Zaycon Foods- patriotic picnic

My mom makes a mean bbq,  it’s sauce sweet and tangy. I’m not even sure whats in it, but she needs to pass the recipe on down through the family.

We grilled corn on the cob. My favorite way to cook it.

Zaycon Foods- grilled corn on the cobWatermelon is a staple in our home in the summer. We have it at just about every picnic. Zaycon Foods-patriotic picnicZaycon foods- patriotic picnicThe best part of the day. We ended the night with our very own fireworks display.

Zaycon foods- patriotic picnicZaycon Foods- patriotic picnic

I love this time of year.

Enjoy your weekend remembering why we celebrate Independence Day! Have a safe one!!

corn on the grill.

Zaycon Foods- grilled corn on the cobOne of our favorite sides throughout the summer is corn on the cob. You can’t just thrown in a pot of boiling water, it needs to be blackened in some areas and super juicy and that is why we grill our corn. Zaycon Foods- grilled corn on the cobGrilling corn takes a bit of prep. You don’t want to take off all of the husk, but you don’t want to leave too much on either. Strip your corn of all its silk and leave 1 layer of husk to wrap it back up in.

Next comes the best part. MAYONNAISE! Yep, I don’t know what it is about it, but it gives the corn such a good flavor and keeps it juicy. I don’t use a lot, just enough to coat the corn with ( this is where a food brush comes in handy) I also sprinkle on seasoned salt. BOOM! Done. Thats it. Wrap your husk back up on the corn and wait for that grill to get hot!Zaycon Foods- grilled corn on the cob I rotate the corn just a few times. The husk will kept the corn from burning, but you will notice some blackening in some parts, my favorite! Once the corn looks done enough to you, pull it off. The cob will be hot and can burn you, I don’t know from experience or anything…, but use tongs to pull off the grill. Zaycon Foods- grilled corn on the cobEat it up and don’t forget the toothpicks!

I like the corn as is and don’t think it needs anything else, my husband, however, likes to add black pepper. My girls LOVE corn made this way and of course, they get to help shuck it, mayo it and sprinkle it.  They seem to eat better when they help make the meal, always a plus!

Grilled corn goes great with our meaty pork ribs! Events are open for August delivery!Zaycon Foods- meaty ribs