meet the team.

With the Zaycon chicken events starting this weekend, I thought you might like to know who is bringing you that delicious 40lb box of chicken.

This is Rick. 

DSC_1953 copy

Rick is one of our drivers. He hails from a little town in north Idaho by the name of Athol and has been with Zaycon about 6 months. He typically takes our Northwest route. He listens to country music while driving through the Columbia Gorge or through the apple orchards of central Washington. Rick says he has never won anything, but, has a beautiful wife and a house full of barbie dolls and littlest pet shops because he has 5 girls. I think he’s hit the jackpot with his family. He appreciates a good John Wayne western, but Tombstone is his favorite movie. He has met Barbara Bush, the customer, not the president’s wife, on one of his routes. He will take potato chips over candy any day and loves to add corn to everything he cooks. On a night out, you can find him at a Vietnamese restaurant over a big bowl of pho. It’s been awhile, but Rick enjoys the great outdoors, hunting in the fall and skiing in the winter.

So if your on his route, say hello to Rick.

The Post Harvest Project awards Zaycon Foods for reducing food waste

Maybe you haven’t heard of The Post Harvest Project. It’t a pretty amazing organization that brings awareness to food waste in ‘wealthy’ countries and helps bring nutrition and economic development by improving food supply in low/middle class countries.

“The Post Harvest Project will partner with multi-national corporations, medium and small businesses, and consumers to bring the issue of food waste to the forefront of the hunger and poverty discussion. By helping companies and consumers find new ways to redistribute food that is currently thrown away, we can bring about sustainable reductions to food waste.”

Zaycon Foods was honored with a plaque and letter of recognition for our efforts of reducing food loss by bringing our customers healthy, fresh food straight from the farm. This was pretty exciting for us.

IMG_4886IMG_4887 copy

We never really thought about how much our company has helped in reducing waste by not having pretty packaging and by not having warehouses where food just sits, waiting…or rotting.

Go check out The Post Harvest Project and see what ways you can help.

*Zaycon Foods will also be mentioned at this years The Clinton Global Initiative.

Zaycon chicken for only .24 a pound?!? That’s crazy!

Only its not crazy and anyone can do it. chicken_B2

Kellene Bishop from Preparedness Pro did just that. Check out her blog on how she was able to get 80 lbs of chicken at just .24 a lb.

People of Zaycon

Our awesome and amazing President, Mike Conrad, and Vice President, Adam Kremin, were interviewed for our local Spokane Journal of Business a few weeks ago.


Mike meeting with all of the Zaycon drivers.

Did you know that Zaycon started with only a $1500 investment and there were only 8,000 customers in the 1st year? All of which were in the Northwest. Today, 4 years later, Zaycon has over 250,000 customers nationwide with 25 employees, half of which are drivers.

You can read the full story from the Spokane Journal of Business here.

So, Zaycon started out as a pretty small company. Actually, a really, really small company. In fact, I remember buying chicken from one of the very first sales. The whole Conrad family was helping. Kids, adults, brothers, and cousins. The faces of Zaycon have changed over the past 4 years. It’s had it’s growing pains. It’s had its share of being beat up and spit back out, but the Zaycon family just gets back up and keeps running.

If you are ever to walk into the office, you would meet some pretty amazing people. Matt, though listed as a product/market development guy, is actually “the president of cows” since spending a lot of time working towards the launch of our Zaycon Milk Program. Scott, our graphics and branding czar has taken on the daunting task of building our new website in between every other “due yesterday” task he takes on. Rose, the first person you’ll see as you walk in, is the office caretaker, making sure everyone is well fed and healthy. If you turn down her amazing enchiladas, you have truly missed out.

Over the next few months, I’m going to introduce you to our Zaycon family . We want you to know who we are, what we do, where we are from and a few random things about us. We are people, just like you. We have families and lives outside of Zaycon. Although, I seem to live in a Zaycon world since I need to have access to Zaycon things all day everyday.

I’d also like to say, it was a lot of fun interviewing the first few of our drivers. They thought I was a little nuts with my questions, but it makes for an entertaining blog post.


Mike Conrad on Good Morning Utah


Our very own Mike Conrad, President of Zaycon Foods,  stopped by Good Morning Utah early this morning.


Check out his on air skills.


I just picked up 40 lbs of chicken, now what?

well we have an answer.

Chicken events will be happening around the country starting in just two weeks! Lisa at The Coupon Wizards has written a fantastic post on just what to do with all that beautiful Zaycon chicken. Everything from taco meat to stuffed chicken breast prepared BEFORE freezing. Just thaw and cook, bake or grill!


Lisa has posted some great tips too, like what to do with the chicken fat so nothing goes to waste!!!

So go check out The Coupon Wizards and tell them Zaycon sent you!

media- explaining Zaycon Foods the easy way

Want to know exactly how Zaycon works? Check out our new video below:

Zaycon’s idea is simple. We want to bring you fresh, healthy food straight from the source.  There is no middle man, so it might feel weird the first time you order and you see that your picking up your food out of the back of a semi truck in the parking lot of a church. It’s a way to keep our costs down and give you the savings.  You can read some reviews from our customers on the right side of the blog, right over there —->>>

Chicken events are now open nationwide, go to  to place your order before it sells out.

press release: Zaycon Foods to be on Season 4 of All Mixed Up™



Zaycon Foods will supply secret farm fresh meat ingredient for the creation of original dishes on reality cooking show.

Pompano Beach, FL, August 28, 2013 –(– The producers of Designing Spaces™ proudly present Season 4 of All Mixed Up™, the successful reality-based cooking series on Lifetime Television. The food competition series will feature farm fresh meats from Zaycon Foods in each episode of the three- part series.

Hosted by celebrity chef and TV personality Ralph Pagano, and shot on location at a South Florida culinary kitchen, All Mixed Up™ is unique in that the contestants aren’t professional chefs…yet. During the three-part series, the student chefs will show how the meats can be used for the creation of unique appetizer, entrée and dessert dishes.A representative from Zaycon Foods will be featured on All Mixed Up™ as one of the panel judges who will share the company’s history, reveal what product the students will be using, and offer food related expertise to the aspiring chefs and viewers at home.

Zaycon Foods, a privately owned company based in Spokane, Washington was founded in 2009 with the simple mission to bring farm fresh meats direct to consumers at wholesale prices.

“We are proud to partner with Zaycon Foods on our All Mixed Up™ series, where we can educate cooking novices or seasoned foodies on how they can make great meals at home, and bring everyone back to the dinner table as they root for their favorite chefs,” says Lysa Liemer, Designing Spaces™ Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer.

To learn more about Zaycon Foods, please visit:

About All Mixed Up™ on Lifetime Television
All Mixed Up™ is a half-hour reality cooking show airing at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on the Lifetime channel — it combines the perfect mix of ingredients for food competition, food history and culinary adventure. The show is hosted by Ralph Pagano, world-renowned chef and culinary celebrity. Three up-and-coming student chefs compete before a panel of judges by taking America’s favorite brands and turning them into three unique three-course meals. The chefs must complete an appetizer, entrée, and a dessert in 30 minutes, and will be judged on recipe originality, presentation and taste. Who will win the competition? Who will survive being “All Mixed Up™?”

For more information and show dates, please visit us at: or

Spokane customers boost their referral credits

What started as a printing blunder turned out as a great opportunity to help our customers earn referral credits. The Spokane office had printed 10,000 door hangers promoting the summer ground beef sale, but not considering the time it took for the printing company to produce a good product, it was too late to use them. The office staff put there heads together and decided to print 10,000 stickers to attach to the door hangers making them official “chicken sale” door hangers instead.

 photo copy

The problem we still had was how do we distribute 10,000 door hangers to all the hungry bargain shoppers out there.

The birth of an Idea

A question was posed in a high level closed door special door hanger meeting:

“Hey! Zaycon is growing anyway right?”

“Yes we are”

“Why not offer our customers a chance to distribute these door hangers and allow them to get referral credits from the new customers that register as a result of the door hangers?”

BAM! There you have it. So far so good.  The response of our customers in Spokane has been amazing.

OK America, we want to know your thoughts on this. Would you like to take a walk in your neighborhood with a few door hangers to help your Zaycon dollar go even farther? 

Email for more information.