Fresh from the farm.


Zaycon Foods now has milk!! And not just any milk, its as natural as nature intended. No added vitamin fortifiers, no GMOs, no hormones.

The milk comes from a small family farm in Spokane, Washington. Holstein cows are the breed of choice for providing milk for the purpose of drinking and cooking. The Holstein cow provides the best balance of cream content. While the Jersey cow is more readily recognized in the premium milk category, the farm recognizes that whole milk from a Jersey cow would require additional processing to reduce the cream content down from 5-6% so it is enjoyable by the average family.

The milk is processed using an old fashioned pasteurizing process that ensures no harmful pathogens exist, while still keeping the living cultures that make milk such a valuable foodstuff. The folks at the farm are so meticulous that the vats are hand scrubbed after each batch. This is a critical step in providing the fantastic shelf life. The reason our milk is not raw is because any states do not allow the sale of raw milk while others regulate it heavily. This makes it impossible for Zaycon Foods to serve our delivery areas throughout America if we offered raw milk.

Homogenized milk is NOT milk in its natural form. 
 Since neither we here at Zaycon or the good folks at the farm are not going to make claims that this milk is going to be your healing answer to all that ails you, we encourage you to do your own research and learn what is being discovered about how our bodies try to process homogenized milk fat.

Most likely you will taste a difference. In the best of ways! If you have never had raw milk, you will certainly notice the difference. Zaycon’s milk is similar to good old fashioned raw milk. As many of us at Zaycon drink the milk, we find that it is not only more accepted by the family, but even becomes a craving, especially for our children! They ask for milk rather than juice and soda! We have found that our perception of milk has changed from it being a beverage to more of a whole food.

Since our milk routes are still  in the beginning stages, we are only offering it in the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. And will be adding to our locations in January to Idaho and Utah. Milk will be delivered every two weeks at the same time and same place. As the farm grows, so will our delivery locations.


Meet Matt

If you have been a part of Zaycon for a while, most likely, Matt has been your driver. Interviewing him was entertaining. Every question was answered with “you cant’ put that on the blog”.  I was able to get some straight answers from him, and now you can get to know Matt too.


Matt comes from what we call “the west side” in Washington State. He has been a driver for Zaycon for about 2 years and he is always cheerful and happy.  His face is also the most seen Zaycon employee in blog posts about us from customers. check for yourself here, here and here. His favorite route is in the south east part of the nation, where he had lived for a few years when he was younger. And if your name is Kristi and you live in Cummins, GA, you are Matts favorite customer…sorry everyone else. Matt loves to travel and so becoming a driver for Zaycon just fit. He is a world traveler, having gone to places like Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

On his time off, he likes hanging out with his dog, Prepton, a 7 yr old Maltese, eating at his favorite restaurant, Pho Bac, in Seattle or watching spy movies. He’s not a big fan of chocolate, but loves red candies. Not sure if its the red or the flavor he likes best, but red candies it is.

So next time your picking up your Zaycon products and Matt is your driver, give him a high five or tell him his hair looks nice, he may just do a dance for you.

Zaycon’s Turkey Day Giveaway

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, a few employees and volunteers from Zaycon Foods partnered with West Realty Group of New York and the 30th Police Precinct to give away more than 230 turkeys so local residents could enjoy a Thanksgiving Day feast with their families.1450769_701890849821672_532034442_n1457467_701891079821649_862721231_n1463594_701890999821657_300874170_n1450040_701891313154959_1049453114_nThe event was such a success — and such a heartwarming experience, despite the cold! — that we are hoping to recreate it many times over. If you work for or volunteer with (or simply know of) any organizations that might want to partner with us to hold such an event serving a community of folks who deserve some holiday cheer (and deliciousness), please contact Chris in our fundraising dept. –

Together we can make the holidays that much better for families everywhere!

Zaycon ham. Perfect for the holidays!

I don’t know about you, but I like a ham that isn’t processed meat and one you don’t have to cut around a bone. Our ham probably isn’t what you expect it to look like, its not round, its flat. Made from a single muscle. And oh my, its really good.

Recently, our friends at Kate and Kaboodle gave our ham a try.  click on the photo for the link.


Here is what Sue from Utah had to say about it:

“We have just tried the ham for the very first time. The only word that comes to mind is, scrumptious . This ham is best in my opinion straight out of the fridge. We heated ours for Thanksgiving, and even my father in law who doesn’t usually care for ham was eating this one. He commented on the flavor and texture . This ham has very little waste, really just one very thin piece of fat. This is the best ham I have ever had.”

Ham events are going on RIGHT NOW! So don’t miss out for the holidays!

made the news in North Carolina

How does Zaycon’s prices compare to the grocery store? check out this piece from WCNC in  Charlotte, NC

buying in bulk can save you hundreds

– “So we wanted to find out, not only at grocery stores, but at those warehouse clubs too — Are the prices with Zaycon really all that much better?

We went to several area grocery stores, and found, fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, not on sale, cost about 5 bucks a pound. At the warehouse club, about $3 a pound. Do the math, and Zaycon saves about $1.15 a pound over the warehouse club, and $3.15 over the grocery store. That’s a savings of almost $200 for the entire year.

But even with the lower prices, it’s still up to the consumer. Pay for the convenience of buying meat each week, or the cost-savings of paying less, but finding a place to package, freeze and store it all.

Back at the Effren home, where mom, dad, JoJo and her brother are sitting down to their tortilla-less fajitas, we ask if the Zaycon buying model would work for their lifestyle.

“If it was saving me money down the road, it would definitely be something I’d be interested in. Definitely something to consider. Absolutely.” –


You can find ham and ground beef events going on now. Zaycon chicken events are open and we will be delivering in February!