Product Feature: Chili garlic Dip’n Sauce

This Summer, my family and I spent a weekend at Lake Chelan, Washington. While I was there, I saw a little farmer’s market and thought I check it out. We came across this:

DSC_6913 copyOh my. It has become a favorite at our house. In fact, its obvious that I need to buy another jar. This stuff is so good with Zaycon chicken and pork or even rustic bread. I got my family hooked on it. It’s made somewhat local to me, and at Zaycon, we LOVE that! Small businesses are awesome!

DSC_6912 copyIt has big chunks of garlic and not too spicy. I really wish I could find it here in Spokane. Her other products are pretty tasty too!

DSC_6910 copyMaybe if enough of us send her an email, she would be willing to sell it online. you can also find her on Facebook.  I did email her (because I want another jar), but she has no idea I am posting this.

If you have a local small business product that you like to use with your Zaycon Foods products, let me know. Maybe we can give the company a few more customers 🙂

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