Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Fillets on the Grill

One of our favorite products we sell is our Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin! We’re very excited about this recipe by Lena Burkut of! Be sure to check out the handling tips under the recipe. Pin it here: Frozen Bacon Wrapped Pork … Continue reading

Bacon Ranch Chicken Recipe

2 Zaycon Foods products to absolutely love? Bacon and Chicken! Well how about both at one time?! See the whole recipe from our friend Jamie at

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stuffed pancakes

I am not a fan of cold cereal as a breakfast food. My kids do love pancakes though. Making pancakes doesn’t have to be boring and who needs a side of sausage or hash browns when you can just add them to the batter?? Stuffed pancakes, people!

This is one of my new favorite things to make with left over mashed potatoes or hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage. I decided to photograph in real time, so lets be real. Life is messy, my kitchen is messy. My pan IS clean, but I like it somewhat seasoned so things don’t stick so much.

Stuffed pancakes are really easy to make.

DSC_8407 copyMake sure your pancake batter is a little runnier than usual. Poor a small amount into your pan and then add your potatoes, meat and cheese. Then, poor a little bit more batter on top. Flip your pancake when its time.
DSC_8409 copyThe best part about stuffed pancakes is you don’t need syrup, you can eat them with your hands!  They store in the fridge great too, but they don’t last long in our house.
Zaycon FoodsTry them this weekend. What would you add to your stuffed pancakes?


two words: Bacon. Jam.

Bacon is delicious. Plain and simple, I love bacon. However, sometimes I want to do something different, other than just make a BLT or have it with a side of eggs. So I asked around for some bacon recipes, something different, maybe odd, but still tasted good. A customer of Zaycon Foods by the name of Joan and a blogger at How To Be A Housewife, mentioned bacon jam… um, “what?” and “ew!” both came to mind. She said there were tons of recipes for it if you search the internet. So I did. And came across this recipe from Tide and Thyme. Oh My Word. I don’t know how people think of these recipes, but its going to be a favorite around this house. It is a simple recipe, but make sure you have an afternoon available where you don’t have to go anywhere for a few hours. It does take some time to simmer. For you bacon fans, I give you…

Bacon Jam.
DSC_7695copy aThis recipe is pretty easy, I only had to buy some maple syrup and had everything else in my fridge, on my counter or in my cupboard.

DSC_7717copy a

Cut up a pound of Zaycon bacon into 1 inch sections. I get my kids involved in all of my cooking and baking. They get to learn and I get to let go of my OCD about cooking. DSC_7725copy aFry up the bacon in batches. A little plug about Zaycon bacon, it is medium cut and it cooks up nice. Typically, I like to bake it, it always comes out perfect. DSC_7751copy aWhen your bacon is browned, but not super crispy, take it off the heat and set it on a few paper towels to soak up some of that grease. You will want to reserve about 2 tablespoons of grease in the pan. DSC_7726copy a

While my bacon was browning (with the help of my daughter) I diced up a medium sized onion. I use Walla Walla sweet onions. We love Walla Walla onions, they are sweeter and overall have a great flavor. They are also grown fairly local to us. DSC_7730copy aDSC_7738copy a

Add about 4 cloves of chopped garlic to the onion. I cheat and buy my garlic in a jar. Its just easier fro me. Add it to the pan you used to brown the bacon. DSC_7771copy aWhen the onion is transulcent, add the bacon back in the pan. DSC_7775copy a

The you can add in all the other ingredients, a Tbsp of brown sugar, a Tbsp of hot sauce (I think it could use more and will double the hot sauce next time), 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of maple syrup, black pepper to taste and…

DSC_7789copy a

a cup of coffee. DSC_7761copy aWe don’t drink coffee and I didn’t want to go buy some and have it go to waste. I do drink Teecino and so I used it instead. I am not sure what the difference would be. I’m guessing its for flavor and not the caffeine. DSC_7798copy aThis is where the waiting comes. You want to simmer it for around 2 hours, adding about 1/4 cup of water every 25 or so minutes as it needs it. It will end up looking like this:DSC_7802copy a

The sauce will thicken up a bit. once you can’t tell the onions from the bacon, its ready. Take it off the stove and let it set for about 15-20 minutes. Your house will smell amazing and you will want to throw a few burgers on the grill or even toast a bagel and top with cream cheese to get it ready for a bit of this jam. DSC_7818copy aI put it all in a wide mouth pint jar and used my hand mixer and gave it a few good pulses. I wanted to keep a few good pieces of bacon and not pulverize the whole batch. DSC_7832copy aI couldnt keep my girls hands out of it. We had pretzel chips handy and taste tested it. Bacon heaven, I tell ya!DSC_7834copy aIts sweet, it’s salty and has a tiny hint of a kick of spice. I think we will have a new favorite for BBQ’s around here. It made sound weird, but try it first before you dis it. Its got bacon in it!!

And while Zaycon bacon events are over and we won’t be back until this fall, the grilling pack is open for ordering. Imagine this on an all beef frank or a keilbasa sausage, maybe eat it as an appetizer while you are grilling the pork ribs.

For the full recipe, check out the post at Tide and Thyme.



Happy {Bacon}tines Day

I woke up early this morning to decorate the table and give my girls a fun Valentines Day breakfast. On the menu, bacon of course, but who wants boring flat bacon, It is Valentines Day after all….


BACON HEARTS!!! Easiest “recipe” ever, if you can even call it a recipe.

Cut bacon in half, fold it to look like a heart and bake in the oven. Place bacon on a cookie sheet (preferably one with short sides) place in a cold oven and turn up to 400 degrees. Set timer for 17 minutes. Thats it.DSC_3455 copyFun AND festive. You can’t just have bacon by itself, well, actually thats not true, bacon is delicious and can be eaten at anytime…on a plane, or a train, on a boat or with a goat.


Last night we made chocolate covered strawberries and ate about half of them. Hid the rest for this morning. Don’t they look pretty with the bacon hearts?


We also made cheese waffles, a tradition of my husband’s family. Just place slabs of cheese on the waffle mix when you stick it in the waffle maker. I say slabs, because its supposed to be thick and melty when you cook it. It is really tasty. I’d have taken pictures of them, but I forgot.

So there you have it. Bacon hearts. Zaycon has bacon on sale now, I’d love to hear what you ideas you come up with, chocolate covered bacon? candied bacon? bacon cinnamon rolls? bacon wrapped meatloaf? The possibilities are endless…


Did you catch the new Season of All mixed up?

Mike Conrad was a judge on the latest episodes of All Mixed Up using Zaycon ham and bacon as a main ingredient for an appetizer, entree and dessert. You can check out the episodes on the Lifetime channel.