How about Zaycon Fresh Ribs complimented with Chicken Soup for the Soul Honey Mustard BBQ sauce? It’s National Grilling Month! I really cant think of a better way to celebrate.

Pin this recipe from here: (8)Chicken Soup for the Soul Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce

“Since Zaycon Fresh has teamed up with Chicken Soup for the Soul I used their Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce on the ribs. I started them in an oven preheated to 250°.”cooked ribs

So what are you grilling next?

BBQ Chicken Kebabs

It’s National BBQ Month!  Kick off the season with some BBQ Chicken Kebobs from our friends at!

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The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs -- Need Chicken?

Chicken and Lentil Bowl with Collard Greens Recipe & Giveaway | Chicken Soup for the Soul and Zaycon Fresh

Thanks to we have a new healthy option for your family table! Chicken and Lentil Bowl with Collard Greens have two of our favorite ingredients! Chicken Soup for the Soul broth and Zaycon Fresh Chicken Breast!

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Chicken and Lentil Bowl. Click the picture to get the recipe.

Jamaican Dr. Pepper Glazed Ham by Spiceologist

Easter is here! If you’re still looking for a ham recipe that will knock everyones socks off, then look no further than this creative recipe from our friends at Spiceologist!  This Jamaican Dr Pepper Glazed Ham is easy and oh my goodness is it delicious.  Spicologist used Rasta Rub which is packed with cinnamon, clove and allspice – all perfect accompaniments to ham.  Add in some spicy Dr. Pepper and well, you just need to make it.  A few hours in the oven going low and slow and this ham will have your house smelling amazing.

Check it out:

Easter is HERE! That Means Leftover Ham In Your Fridge.

Easter time may leave you wondering what to do with all of the leftover ham from your family gatherings? We’re excited about all of the potential our Carvemaster ham has for the main course and leftovers too. We have curated some recipes from some of the best bloggers in the country on our “Ham” Pinterest board.

What is your favorite “leftover ham” recipe? Share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter!

Recipe: Cream with Strawberries

Zaycon Foods- strawberries and creamSometimes the most wonderful things come out of the simplest of ingredients, “amazing” needn’t come from complicated.

Speaking of ‘complicated’, that’s where our story begins.

When my bestie wed her hubby, they had the wedding in Daegu, Republic of Korea. This was a combination of ‘simple’ and ‘complicated’. It was a small wedding with only 8 of us there including the bride and groom, but we had a rock solid 50 nuns serving us “Sister Act” all in Korean. I’m not taking creative license here either, at one point I heard them singing “My God” just like in the movie. Perma-grin.

Anyway, that was the wedding and it was uh-MAZE-ING, but after the fact, the bride and groom (bless their hearts) realized that they didn’t have the wedding license in Korea, so after we all got back to Seattle, they got the license and we took some pics at Gasworks Park and then headed off to dinner with a few friends that weren’t able to come with us to Daegu.

The restaurant that we had the Seattle wedding dinner at was new to me. No menu, the chef just came around and served us what he was in the mood to cook. Great fun. The owners were ethnic Malaysian Chinese, but the cuisine was Italian so there was some serious fusion going on and it really kept us on our toes. There were a total of 19 courses and a bill of $1,600, so listen up folks. This is a valuable recipe.

As the dinner was winding down, the deserts started. I only remember one out of the 4 or 5 that we had. I only need to remember the one, because it was life changing.

The waiter placed a small glass filled with strawberries and cream in front of me. It looked basic. I was really quite full at this point, but was determined to see it though. That first bite and my eyes got as big as saucers. I turned to the bride “OMG! Have you tried this yet?” that’s when I saw the look on her face. She had.

When the chef came through at the end of our experience, I motioned for him to come closer. “Look here” I said “I know and understand that you’re not going to give me the recipe for this (I waved my hand over my empty glass), but PLEASE tell me what’s in it.

Then as the giggles at my ignorance subsided from my dinner mates, the chef actually told me. With jaws agape, I memorized what he told me. On my way home, I stopped by the grocery store and purchased my supplies because I had to figure out how to make this.

Since he gave me no measurements, I’ve just always done it to taste so that’s how it will be relayed to you.

-Sour Cream
-Brown Sugar (I use Dark Brown)
-A very good vanilla (I use homemade, because I like the vanilla seed specks), or a vanilla bean
-Grand Marnier Liquor

**If you are uncomfortable using liquor, please substitute with just a drop of orange extract. The extract will not have the depth that the Grand Marnier has, but you’ll want that subtle bright flavor. It keeps people guessing.

Zaycon Foods- strawberries and cream DSC_4061 DSC_4065 DSC_4074 DSC_4078 DSC_4086 DSC_4097 DSC_4100 DSC_4102 DSC_4114 DSC_4138 DSC_4153 DSC_4159 DSC_4168 DSC_4173 DSC_4177 DSC_4181 DSC_4184
There you have it. This would be fantastic over any berry, really.

Complicated simplicity. Consider yourself changed.

Matt H

Chicken Strip Fritter Parmesan

Zaycon Foods- Chicken frittersSince our first ZayconLive event, where we introduced you to our breaded chicken fritters, we have had many of our customers asking about a particular recipe Matt had made during the live event. It’s a simple recipe that has a lot of flavor.

Boneless Skinless Breaded Chicken Breast Strip Fritters
A bottle of your favorite s’getti sauce
Shredded mozzeralla cheese
Shredded parmesan cheese
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Salt & Pepper
Pasta or Hoagie rolls

Preheat oven to 400.
Put sauce in bottom of 9×13 baking dish, put Chicken Strip Fritters on sauce
Liberally dust all of it with both onion powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper
Put Mozeralla cheese on strips, then parm on top.
Bake in oven until hot, melty, browned & perfect, about 20-25 minutes.

Serve over pasta or you can spread hoagie rolls with your favorite garlic butter/spread and toast for an amazing saurinch.

See! Such an easy meal that can be done within 30 minutes. Perfect for those weeknights when there is a lot going on. I’ve made this myself a few times and my kids love it!_MG_1997

Even though the fritters are not on our website currently, you will find a few new products, like our steaks and roasts. Chicken breast sales will be open soon, really soon!

Brandlive with Zaycon

So maybe you caught the Brandlive feed today, if not, you can go ahead and catch a replay of it right here!

zaycon foods

Mike, Matt H and Matt K before the Brandlive event.

And because we love to share, here is the recipe for the Cashew Chicken made today.

Matt’s Cashew Chicken

2 pounds of Zaycon Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 large onion
Bell peppers of your choice (about 5 or so)
2 Carrot sliced thin
Minced Garlic depending on taste, about 2 tablespoons
Red Pepper Flakes (the more you use, the hotter it’s going to be)
Oil about 2 tablespoons
Cashew Nuts about a cup
2 green onion sliced
Fish Sauce about a quarter cup (to taste)
Oyster Sauce about a quarter cup (to taste)
Brown sugar about a cup (to taste)
Soy Sauce about a quarter cup (to taste)

Heat up a wok or a large sauté pan (I mean this thing needs to be BIG)
Add the oil, then carrots then garlic and red pepper flakes, stir and increase heat
Add the onion, stir and increase heat
Push to the sides and then into the center of the wok add the chicken breast crank the heat to HIGH
Flip the chicken after about 60 seconds, start to break it up to let each peace start to cook.
Combine all the ingredients at this point.

Stir the fish sauce, brown sugar, oyster sauce & soy sauce together to mix then add this to the wok.

Heat to bubbly, as this will cook the sauce and finish cooking the chicken.

Add the cashews and green onions at the last minute just prior to serving so the nuts don’t get soft and the green onion doesn’t get over done.

Serve over Thai Jasmine Rice.

This will serve at least 5 or 6 a dinner sized portion.


We hope you enjoyed the show and we will be back with more!

mint limeade

Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

A Cafe Rio restaurant recently opened not far from where we live. They have mint limeade and I have been craving its sweet goodness the past few weeks. The grocery store is much closer and I’m not tempted to order the awesome sweet pork salad. Being that my girls were bored and I was thirsty, we decided to make our own mint limeade. Lemonade, in general, is not hard to make and the kids love squeezing the juice from the lemons and limes. The best part, is you can make any flavor you want. Add strawberries, raspberries or even watermelon! Mint is our favorite.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

We have a citrus juicer, but you don’t have to use one. They are good for separating the seeds and pulp from the juice. Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeThis is my girls favorite part. Zaycon Foods -mint limeadeI used two limes and two lemons for 1/2 gallon of limeade and that was just the perfect amount of tartness for us. Add water.
Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

I added sugar to taste. This part i didn’t measure, but I probably put in a good 1/2 cup at least.
Zaycon Foods-mint limeade

Chop up fresh mint. It does’t need to be small bits. You can even just tear the leaves apart if you like. It makes your hands smell really good. and then just throw them in your limeade.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeZaycon Foods -mint limeade

Mix it up, and give it a taste. I leave mine for at least a 1/2 hour before I pour a cup. The longer the mint is in there, the better the flavor. It doesn’t get really strong, unless you add a lot of mint.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeAnd there you have it. Super easy and super delicious. Zaycon Foods -mint limeadePerfect for a summer bbq or even an evening on the porch watching the sunset. Make it festive for the 4th by adding in some color, like blueberries or even cherries.

What is your favorite summertime drink?



chick chick chicken pot pie

One of our absolute favorite recipes is a chicken pot pie that a friend gave to me about 10 years ago. She got it from a company that sells cooking supplies but has changed a few things and made it amazing. DSC_3418a

This recipe is my go-to recipe whenever I am making a meal for another family. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t asked me for the recipe. The best part is, it makes two pies so you can keep one for yourself and give or freeze the second. It is so much better cooked after being frozen than fresh after you make it.


First thing I do,  peel, cube and start boiling my potatoes. Then while those are doing their thing, I get on with the rest.

Because it saves time,  I use my canned Zaycon chicken (I will be post how I go about canning it in the next few weeks).  Canning chicken saves space in my freezer and when I  forget to pull it out to thaw early in the day, I can just grab a jar.  The reusable chalkboard labels came from here. They have a huge selection and I use them for more than just canning. I use a chalk pen when writing on these, similar to this.

DSC_3261aDrain the chicken and put it in your mixer. I try not to pulverize the chicken, just break it up a little.

I put all of my veggies in a bowl and mix together. I shred my carrots because then my kids can’t pick them out and they cook thoroughly. DSC_3283aWhen you can poke through the potatoes with a fork, drain them and add them to your mixed veggies. Just set aside.
DSC_3291aNow on to the BEST part. My oldest always wants to lick the spoon after I make the sauce. This is also no low fat meal…

Saute butter and onion in a pan. 

when its good and bubbly, I add the flour and spices.

DSC_3310It’s going to get thick and smell amazing!
DSC_3320DSC_3326Chicken broth and whole milk is next.The milk makes pretty designs.


It’s going to get thick again. and look like country gravy.DSC_3349Mix the veggies and chicken together in a big bowl.
DSC_3354then add the sauce over it and mix together. DSC_3358I cheat and use pre made pie crust, only to save time. DSC_3362DSC_3365cover with another pie crust and…DSC_3374poke out a simple design on your crust. DSC_3378this is where one goes in the freezer and one in the oven. DSC_3385It comes out so pretty and I haven’t had much problem with it bubbling out over the edges, but I alway put a cookie sheet under it in the oven.
DSC_3386Let it cool for a few minutes before cutting into it. You should be able to get at least 8 big slices out of it. DSC_3429a


And here is the full recipe:chicken recipeprint it out. make it. Maybe it will become your family favorite too.