mint limeade

Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

A Cafe Rio restaurant recently opened not far from where we live. They have mint limeade and I have been craving its sweet goodness the past few weeks. The grocery store is much closer and I’m not tempted to order the awesome sweet pork salad. Being that my girls were bored and I was thirsty, we decided to make our own mint limeade. Lemonade, in general, is not hard to make and the kids love squeezing the juice from the lemons and limes. The best part, is you can make any flavor you want. Add strawberries, raspberries or even watermelon! Mint is our favorite.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

We have a citrus juicer, but you don’t have to use one. They are good for separating the seeds and pulp from the juice. Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeThis is my girls favorite part. Zaycon Foods -mint limeadeI used two limes and two lemons for 1/2 gallon of limeade and that was just the perfect amount of tartness for us. Add water.
Zaycon Foods- mint limeade

I added sugar to taste. This part i didn’t measure, but I probably put in a good 1/2 cup at least.
Zaycon Foods-mint limeade

Chop up fresh mint. It does’t need to be small bits. You can even just tear the leaves apart if you like. It makes your hands smell really good. and then just throw them in your limeade.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeZaycon Foods -mint limeade

Mix it up, and give it a taste. I leave mine for at least a 1/2 hour before I pour a cup. The longer the mint is in there, the better the flavor. It doesn’t get really strong, unless you add a lot of mint.

Zaycon Foods- mint limeadeAnd there you have it. Super easy and super delicious. Zaycon Foods -mint limeadePerfect for a summer bbq or even an evening on the porch watching the sunset. Make it festive for the 4th by adding in some color, like blueberries or even cherries.

What is your favorite summertime drink?