Bacon Ranch Chicken Recipe

2 Zaycon Foods products to absolutely love? Bacon and Chicken! Well how about both at one time?! See the whole recipe from our friend Jamie at

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Chicken Soup for the Soul is known for their books full of uplifting stories, but did you know they have a food product line with broths, sauces and meal builders?

We are BIG fans of Chicken Soup of the Soul and have teamed up with them on an awesome giveaway where you can enter to win not just your favorite Zaycon Foods products, but also Chicken Soup for the Soul’s books and products from their food line! You can enter here!

If you just can’t wait to win, you can go HERE and see what products are coming in your area.

Good Luck to you!

Giveaway time!

Who doesn’t love a good Food Selfie? Ya know that scrumptious plate that makes you so proud, you just have to share a picture of it across every channel of social media you can possibly access.
As the fall season rolls in, everyone is shifting their thoughts to their favorite harvest time foods. What a better time to make that food selfie pay off!
Zaycon Foods is giving away a Lodge 7.5 quart enameled cast iron dutch oven to a lucky winner. Even better, if you referred a customer to Zaycon Foods and they win; so do you!

To qualify, Post a picture of your most delicious dish, dessert or appetizer to your favorite social media channel with the hashtag #Zayconfallfav and tag @zayconfoods.
To qualify your picture must be;
Your very own photo and no duplicates (don’t Google “Food Selfie” and post it please. That’s no fun)
Your very own food that you or your family prepared.
Your recipe must be somehow, in some way, sort of, even if remotely, related to the bountiful fall harvest season we all enjoy.
You must be registered with Zaycon Foods to win though you are NOT required to make a purchase.
No need to be a professional photographer. We will pick the winner at random
Even though Matt At Zaycon accepts delicious bribes, he has no way of influencing who wins.
Employees of Zaycon Foods or family members of employees do not qualify
Oh and remember, if you have referred someone to Zaycon Foods and they win, SO DO YOU! How cool is that?

We can smell the cinnamon clove apple pumpkin spice already!