Bacon Ranch Chicken Recipe

2 Zaycon Foods products to absolutely love? Bacon and Chicken! Well how about both at one time?! See the whole recipe from our friend Jamie at

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Mike Conrad, CEO of Zaycon Foods on The Tom Roten Morning Show

LISTEN: Mike Conrad, CEO of Zaycon Foods on The Tom Roten Morning Show!

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The Post Harvest Project awards Zaycon Foods for reducing food waste

Maybe you haven’t heard of The Post Harvest Project. It’t a pretty amazing organization that brings awareness to food waste in ‘wealthy’ countries and helps bring nutrition and economic development by improving food supply in low/middle class countries.

“The Post Harvest Project will partner with multi-national corporations, medium and small businesses, and consumers to bring the issue of food waste to the forefront of the hunger and poverty discussion. By helping companies and consumers find new ways to redistribute food that is currently thrown away, we can bring about sustainable reductions to food waste.”

Zaycon Foods was honored with a plaque and letter of recognition for our efforts of reducing food loss by bringing our customers healthy, fresh food straight from the farm. This was pretty exciting for us.

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We never really thought about how much our company has helped in reducing waste by not having pretty packaging and by not having warehouses where food just sits, waiting…or rotting.

Go check out The Post Harvest Project and see what ways you can help.

*Zaycon Foods will also be mentioned at this years The Clinton Global Initiative.