stuffed pancakes

I am not a fan of cold cereal as a breakfast food. My kids do love pancakes though. Making pancakes doesn’t have to be boring and who needs a side of sausage or hash browns when you can just add them to the batter?? Stuffed pancakes, people!

This is one of my new favorite things to make with left over mashed potatoes or hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage. I decided to photograph in real time, so lets be real. Life is messy, my kitchen is messy. My pan IS clean, but I like it somewhat seasoned so things don’t stick so much.

Stuffed pancakes are really easy to make.

DSC_8407 copyMake sure your pancake batter is a little runnier than usual. Poor a small amount into your pan and then add your potatoes, meat and cheese. Then, poor a little bit more batter on top. Flip your pancake when its time.
DSC_8409 copyThe best part about stuffed pancakes is you don’t need syrup, you can eat them with your hands!  They store in the fridge great too, but they don’t last long in our house.
Zaycon FoodsTry them this weekend. What would you add to your stuffed pancakes?


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