Feels like spring around here.

Mmm. The sun is finally shining here in the Pacific Northwest and that means that its time for BBQing. We have 4 distinct seasons here and I like to enjoy every second of the grilling seasons.  As soon as the weather is remotely decent, out comes the grill. This year we decided to make something in our yard that would be more useful and here is what I came up with, thanks to Pinterest:DSC_8902a My husband’s family was in the household appliance business for quite a few years. Anytime we had a BBQ with them, they used a stainless steel washer drum for a fire pit. We were given one a couple of years ago. It had been sitting near our shed, until this week. Zaycon Foods-steel drum fire pit I didn’t ever feel they were safe and maybe because when I was 8, I fell onto a dutch oven that had just come off the fire. I used my hand to catch myself and came away from the incident with 2nd degree burns and blisters. I can still remember the pain. So I decided to build an enclosure around the drum. It’s actually a simple and easy project, but does take some time.

I went to a local store and bought enough garden wall stones to go around my steel drum 4 times, for us, that was 36 stones total. Zaycon Foods-steel drum fire pitI cut the grass big enough to fit the steel drum and the garden wall stones.

Zaycon Foods -steel drum fire pitI actually ended up cutting out more grass once I realized that I wouldnt be able to get rocks between the drum and stones.
DSC_8611aThis picture makes the garden stones look crooked, but I was careful to adjust and make sure that the stones were straight.

Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pitOnce I got all 4 rows placed, I added the rocks.  4 bags of these rocks was the perfect amount for our pit. Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pitDSC_8632a

I just dumped the rocks down in the crack. DSC_8633aThe garden stones came right up to the top of the steel drum. Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pitThe last bag of rocks gave the pit a finished look.
Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pitWe took the grill off of our BBQ and added it to the fire pit so we could cook up some hot dogs and chicken. We used it the same evening to test it out. Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pit
Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pit

It worked amazing and everything tasted so good!Zaycon Foods- steel drum fire pitSuch an easy project and perfect for the grilling season. Speaking of, our grill pack events are open for ordering!! Just head over to Zaycon Foods to find out the details.



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