chick chick chicken pot pie

One of our absolute favorite recipes is a chicken pot pie that a friend gave to me about 10 years ago. She got it from a company that sells cooking supplies but has changed a few things and made it amazing. DSC_3418a

This recipe is my go-to recipe whenever I am making a meal for another family. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t asked me for the recipe. The best part is, it makes two pies so you can keep one for yourself and give or freeze the second. It is so much better cooked after being frozen than fresh after you make it.


First thing I do,  peel, cube and start boiling my potatoes. Then while those are doing their thing, I get on with the rest.

Because it saves time,  I use my canned Zaycon chicken (I will be post how I go about canning it in the next few weeks).  Canning chicken saves space in my freezer and when I  forget to pull it out to thaw early in the day, I can just grab a jar.  The reusable chalkboard labels came from here. They have a huge selection and I use them for more than just canning. I use a chalk pen when writing on these, similar to this.

DSC_3261aDrain the chicken and put it in your mixer. I try not to pulverize the chicken, just break it up a little.

I put all of my veggies in a bowl and mix together. I shred my carrots because then my kids can’t pick them out and they cook thoroughly. DSC_3283aWhen you can poke through the potatoes with a fork, drain them and add them to your mixed veggies. Just set aside.
DSC_3291aNow on to the BEST part. My oldest always wants to lick the spoon after I make the sauce. This is also no low fat meal…

Saute butter and onion in a pan. 

when its good and bubbly, I add the flour and spices.

DSC_3310It’s going to get thick and smell amazing!
DSC_3320DSC_3326Chicken broth and whole milk is next.The milk makes pretty designs.


It’s going to get thick again. and look like country gravy.DSC_3349Mix the veggies and chicken together in a big bowl.
DSC_3354then add the sauce over it and mix together. DSC_3358I cheat and use pre made pie crust, only to save time. DSC_3362DSC_3365cover with another pie crust and…DSC_3374poke out a simple design on your crust. DSC_3378this is where one goes in the freezer and one in the oven. DSC_3385It comes out so pretty and I haven’t had much problem with it bubbling out over the edges, but I alway put a cookie sheet under it in the oven.
DSC_3386Let it cool for a few minutes before cutting into it. You should be able to get at least 8 big slices out of it. DSC_3429a


And here is the full recipe:chicken recipeprint it out. make it. Maybe it will become your family favorite too.


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