Happy {Bacon}tines Day

I woke up early this morning to decorate the table and give my girls a fun Valentines Day breakfast. On the menu, bacon of course, but who wants boring flat bacon, It is Valentines Day after all….


BACON HEARTS!!! Easiest “recipe” ever, if you can even call it a recipe.

Cut bacon in half, fold it to look like a heart and bake in the oven. Place bacon on a cookie sheet (preferably one with short sides) place in a cold oven and turn up to 400 degrees. Set timer for 17 minutes. Thats it.DSC_3455 copyFun AND festive. You can’t just have bacon by itself, well, actually thats not true, bacon is delicious and can be eaten at anytime…on a plane, or a train, on a boat or with a goat.


Last night we made chocolate covered strawberries and ate about half of them. Hid the rest for this morning. Don’t they look pretty with the bacon hearts?


We also made cheese waffles, a tradition of my husband’s family. Just place slabs of cheese on the waffle mix when you stick it in the waffle maker. I say slabs, because its supposed to be thick and melty when you cook it. It is really tasty. I’d have taken pictures of them, but I forgot.

So there you have it. Bacon hearts. Zaycon has bacon on sale now, I’d love to hear what you ideas you come up with, chocolate covered bacon? candied bacon? bacon cinnamon rolls? bacon wrapped meatloaf? The possibilities are endless…


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