brrr. It’s cold outside.

January is here and while we all make New Year resolutions to eat better, once in a while, the winter weather makes me want to make hot soups and comfort foods. Some of my favorite dishes are made with chicken and I keep plenty of Zaycon chicken in my freezer for recipes just like these:

Southwestern 2 bean chicken from southwestern-2-bean-chicken-v-a healthy alternative to enchiladas, this recipe is good over rice or wrapped in a tortilla. You can even eat it alone as a soup by adding  chicken broth and with a little sour cream or cheese on top.

Um pasta? yes please. Menu Musings of a Modern America Mom gives step by step instruction for her Tomato Basil Chicken 17 labeled

This is one of my favorite types of dinners and my kids will eat it without complaint.

Ultimate comfort food in a crock pot. Super easy to make and full of everything that tastes good:

Cheesy Chicken Tator Tot Crock Pot Casserole from


Definitely not for those watching calories and fat intake.

Maybe you have 40lbs of Zaycon ground beef in your freezer. Here are some recipes for you:

Mommy I’m Hungry has an amazing Parmesan Meatloaf recipe that is really good and gluten free!

IMG_3688mmmm. This is a winner.

I don’t live near an Ikea, but we like their swedish meatballs. How about making them ourself? posted her version of Swedish Meatballs

Swedish-MeatballsServed over noodles or mashed potatoes….yum!!

What recipes have you come up with using your Zaycon products? We would love to try them and share them on our Pinterest board.

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