Zaycon ham. Perfect for the holidays!

I don’t know about you, but I like a ham that isn’t processed meat and one you don’t have to cut around a bone. Our ham probably isn’t what you expect it to look like, its not round, its flat. Made from a single muscle. And oh my, its really good.

Recently, our friends at Kate and Kaboodle gave our ham a try.  click on the photo for the link.


Here is what Sue from Utah had to say about it:

“We have just tried the ham for the very first time. The only word that comes to mind is, scrumptious . This ham is best in my opinion straight out of the fridge. We heated ours for Thanksgiving, and even my father in law who doesn’t usually care for ham was eating this one. He commented on the flavor and texture . This ham has very little waste, really just one very thin piece of fat. This is the best ham I have ever had.”

Ham events are going on RIGHT NOW! So don’t miss out for the holidays!

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