made the news in North Carolina

How does Zaycon’s prices compare to the grocery store? check out this piece from WCNC in  Charlotte, NC

buying in bulk can save you hundreds

– “So we wanted to find out, not only at grocery stores, but at those warehouse clubs too — Are the prices with Zaycon really all that much better?

We went to several area grocery stores, and found, fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, not on sale, cost about 5 bucks a pound. At the warehouse club, about $3 a pound. Do the math, and Zaycon saves about $1.15 a pound over the warehouse club, and $3.15 over the grocery store. That’s a savings of almost $200 for the entire year.

But even with the lower prices, it’s still up to the consumer. Pay for the convenience of buying meat each week, or the cost-savings of paying less, but finding a place to package, freeze and store it all.

Back at the Effren home, where mom, dad, JoJo and her brother are sitting down to their tortilla-less fajitas, we ask if the Zaycon buying model would work for their lifestyle.

“If it was saving me money down the road, it would definitely be something I’d be interested in. Definitely something to consider. Absolutely.” –


You can find ham and ground beef events going on now. Zaycon chicken events are open and we will be delivering in February!

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