meet the team.

With the Zaycon chicken events starting this weekend, I thought you might like to know who is bringing you that delicious 40lb box of chicken.

This is Rick. 

DSC_1953 copy

Rick is one of our drivers. He hails from a little town in north Idaho by the name of Athol and has been with Zaycon about 6 months. He typically takes our Northwest route. He listens to country music while driving through the Columbia Gorge or through the apple orchards of central Washington. Rick says he has never won anything, but, has a beautiful wife and a house full of barbie dolls and littlest pet shops because he has 5 girls. I think he’s hit the jackpot with his family. He appreciates a good John Wayne western, but Tombstone is his favorite movie. He has met Barbara Bush, the customer, not the president’s wife, on one of his routes. He will take potato chips over candy any day and loves to add corn to everything he cooks. On a night out, you can find him at a Vietnamese restaurant over a big bowl of pho. It’s been awhile, but Rick enjoys the great outdoors, hunting in the fall and skiing in the winter.

So if your on his route, say hello to Rick.

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