Thia and Lindsey: two seriously awesome customers

So, some of you – actually most of you – may have heard of or experienced the chaos and challenges we had with our Spring Chicken Sale. Whether it was delayed trucks, frozen chicken or quality control at the farms not being up to Zaycon Standards, we have once again learned just how amazing our customers are. In spite of all these issues and many more, you have demonstrated a loyalty and patience that is really unheard of in this industry. Uncommon company with uncommon customers- go figure!

I wanted to share with our customers just one example of the many that shows us the love you have for our company and that we don NOT take it granted.


Meet Thia and Lindsey, two sisters who live on the outskirts of Salem OR.

the story goes a bit like this;

I flew to Portland on a Thursday morning planning to avoid delays at our Salem event. That morning we received word that one of our trucks was held up at a weigh station over in Bend OR.  and we would need to do the event from the main independent Semi truck coming there straight from the Farm. By the time I flew in, got my rental car and fought traffic I arrived in Salem 10 minutes before the event started. Just miles from the location, I thought I should give the truck driver a jingle to let him know I’m almost there. That conversation went something like this:

Me:”Hello, this is Matt from Zaycon Foods. Do you have my chicken?Driver; Yes Sir I do!

Me: Great well I’m just down the road, are you in Salem?

Driver: Where?

Me: Salem, Salem OR.

Driver:No I’m in Boise Id. then silence, then click I heard a hang up sound.

To this day we are not sure how this truck was sent to Boise by their dispatcher but there is no point in and no time for figuring that out when its “chicken Time” and we have no chicken. So, we of course have a parking lot full of you good folks wondering where the chicken is. We had a great group of volunteers that went through the line to let everyone know that the new time will be sent out shortly and if it is not doable for your schedule we will try to accommodate you. In typical Zaycon customer fashion, everyone was understanding.

Now this is where Thia and Lindsey come in. I was telling folks that if the new day and time was just not going to work to stand by till I could find a way to accommodate them. Many were just not available for the new time which turned out to be the next day but different time.

Thia and Lindsay went around with a notebook. When people said they couldn’t make it, they wrote down all their names and phone numbers and agreed to pick up the order for them and meet them at a later time at more convenient location. Sure enough, the next day they showed up equipped with two trucks and the ability to keep it cold. As soon as the event was over they were off to the different locations and got all that chicken delivered.

Now Folks, I understand that in spite of our efforts some of you fell through the cracks and we failed in getting your chicken to you. These “cracks” are being filled, as this is unacceptable to us. We are creating our own fleet of trucks that will be on OUR schedule and under our command. That being said, regarding what I experienced in Oregon and Washington with you folks, your patience and loyalty means the world to us and it drives us to perfection as a goal.

Thank you Thia and Lindsey for being part of the team and key members at that.

I speak for everyone at Zaycon Foods when I say it is truly an honor and tremendous responsibility to serve customers like Zaycon customers.

Email me if you have questions about anything and I can direct you to the right person if I am unable to help.

Matt Kunz

Fundraising coordinator

Zaycon Foods

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