Spokane customers boost their referral credits

What started as a printing blunder turned out as a great opportunity to help our customers earn referral credits. The Spokane office had printed 10,000 door hangers promoting the summer ground beef sale, but not considering the time it took for the printing company to produce a good product, it was too late to use them. The office staff put there heads together and decided to print 10,000 stickers to attach to the door hangers making them official “chicken sale” door hangers instead.

 photo copy

The problem we still had was how do we distribute 10,000 door hangers to all the hungry bargain shoppers out there.

The birth of an Idea

A question was posed in a high level closed door special door hanger meeting:

“Hey! Zaycon is growing anyway right?”

“Yes we are”

“Why not offer our customers a chance to distribute these door hangers and allow them to get referral credits from the new customers that register as a result of the door hangers?”

BAM! There you have it. So far so good.  The response of our customers in Spokane has been amazing.

OK America, we want to know your thoughts on this. Would you like to take a walk in your neighborhood with a few door hangers to help your Zaycon dollar go even farther? 

Email Matt@zayconfoods.com for more information.

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